In Keeping Consistent
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

…and I hope to be able to.

Though I was not active for a couple years, I have been keeping semi-up-to-date with the new innovations of the design world. It’s quite mind-boggling, the steps and leaps CSS and HTML have taken what with properties that used to be exclusively Javascript now can be rendered in CSS3 and HTML5. Thankfully, there are sites like Smashing Magazine that help others keep up pace with the design nexus! If you know of other ones, please recommend!

And in other news:

  • 1 New Design – Manifestation
  • 7 New Textures

I hope you enjoy them! The design features a fixed sidebar with scrolling content and a resizing full page background.

Finally, I am glad to welcome back, Ellada, who was the owner of, as an affiliate! She is a wonderful friend and designer and her just opened portfolio site is worth a visit!

I have also a new link exchange, Ashe of Dragons Den, please visit her adorable Pokemon-oriented graphics.