Hello, my name is Erica Lee. I am currently attending college at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and majoring in Illustration. I love anything that has to do with the arts, so naturally I enjoy singing and love writing fiction and poetry. In terms of dance, I was in a small ballet company for about nine years and only recently have I not been able to dance regularly which is disheartening.

I am rather a geek and a nerd, a bit of a jock too since I love to run and am currently on the volleyball team at my school called the RISD Blockers. I love to haunt ThinkGeek and am a huge Trekkie (shout out to all the Trekkers!). Star Wars is equally as great. Videogames are my past-time and cosplaying occupies the rest. I also love the classics and reading 19th century novels and spend my days dreaming of pasts long gone.


…the Site

The site name and the url name strangely do not match and thus blame my youthful inconsistencies. However, Junk&Trash, has greatly grown on me over the years and I cannot bear to part with it. The purpose of this site has never changed – a web design and small resource site. For sporadic updates with my life, please visit my blog, The Grey Giraffe.


…the Domain

Began at the end of February, 2006.

Purchased through 1&1 Internet, Junk&Trash was hosted first by Kylosa then at T35. After Josie accepted me as an affiliate I was offered some space at her domain, Scarlet Fall. Since then I have been her first hostee and now a sponsoree. I am currently hosted at X-Tenshi.